Readings and Videos about Air Corps Kriegies from Luft VI, IV and the Black March

FTR: Failed to Return Video Tribute to Air Corps Kriegies by Greg Hatton

Captured Air Corps Pamplet on PW rights

Barbed Wire Interlude by R.W. Ludden

Barbed Boredom by Charles G. Janus

POW by Edward A. Dobran

The European Story American Ex-POW

For You the War is Over By David A. Foy

The Irwin Nine by Hilda Padgett

Dad's Story MIA/POW WWII by Dayna Peterson Mason (part 1)

Dad's Story MIA/POW WWII by Dayna Peterson Mason (part 2)

When Grandpa Flew in WW2 by Robert E. Doherty

The Shoe Leather Express by Joseph Odonnell

Our Last Mission by Dawn Trimble Bunyak

A Wartime Log by Art and Lee Beltrone

The Enlisted Experience ( Interview of Paul Airey) by Janet R. Daly Bednarek

C-Lager: Stalag luft 4 and the 86 day Hunger March by David Dorfmeier

POW Baseball in World War II by Tim Wolter

The Last Escape by John Nichols and Tony Rennell

Domain of Heroes by Laura Caplan

A ‘Most Astonishing’ Circumstance: The Survival of Jewish POWs by Johanna Jacques

On the Wings of Dawn: American Airmen as Germany's Prisoners by Laura Edge

Deadly Decision by Rick Centore

What I Never Told You by Candy Kyler Brown

Augie: Stalag Luft 6 to the Major Leagues by John Bacchia

The Prisoners of War and German High Command by V. Vourkoutiotis

Footprints In The Sands Of Time (RAF POWs In Germany) Oliver Clutton-Block

Confronting Captivity Arieh Kohavi

Handle With CareRAF Lampoon by Anderson and Westmacott IBCC digital Archives

No flight from the Cage by Cal Younger RAF

For you Der Var Ist Oufer by John McCracken excerpt courtesy Lingonier Valley Library

"Four Men Out" by Greg Hatton Luft VI Escape by Gann, LaMarca, Rowton and Stapleton

"Who was George Walker" by Greg Hatton The Luft VI Trojan Horse Escape

"Case1628: US vs Germany" by Greg Hatton AXPOW Bulletin Aug. 1992

The Death March: The POW Evacuation of Stalag Luft IV Video presentation by Laura Edge and Ellen Hartman

"Stalag Luft 4" Video documentary by Historyczna TV Poland

RAF Escapes from Luft VI CSPAN Video Feb. 16, 2020

Behind the Wire: The Heydekrug Run Video Produced by Al Zimmerman for 8thAFHS

Behind the Wire: The Long March Video Produced by Al Zimmerman for 8thAFHS

Forced March to Freedom Timeline documentary of "the March"

Harvey Gann video author of "Escape I Must"

J.P. Harper video Georgetown County Library