Camp Rosters

The following lists are offered in the hope that a researcher can confirm that an airman was at Stalag Luft IV; and that his evacuation route might be traced by the group he travelled with or the location at which he was liberated. Sgt. Guider led the group leaving Lagar B, Sgt. Lunsford led the group leaving Lager D. Sgt. Schields shared his list of Luft IV airmen who departed for Luft 1 with lt. Morris Roy. After 3 decades, rosters of airmen who departed from Lagers A and C remain unkown to us.

Luft 4 Organization Len Rose Membership list

Barbed Boredom Roster by Name

Barbed Wire Interlude Roster by State

Heidekrug Sgts. Evacauted to Barth

Guider Diary Evacauted to Nuremburg

Lunsford Diary Evacuated to Stalag 357

Lunsford Diary Evacuated to Stalag 11A

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Flt. Sgt. David Joseph Luft 4 roster RAF POWs at Luft IV