Luft VI and IV Narratives

The internet has produced a revolution in acess to information about the airmen who were prisoners of war in Europe. Combined with the Freedom of Information Act and the long overdue recognition of the trials and triumphs of "Kriegies", a great many of their individual stories have become available. We present here, a small sampling, with the hope that these stories will bolster a deeper understanding of this uniquely American experience. We remain open to adding more airmen to our list, as we are able.

Luft 4 Voices

May 44 - Feb. 45

Adler, Murray


Boggess, Julian

168th Inf. Medical Officer Luft 4 and 1

Caplan, Leslie

from "Domain of Heroes"

Chapman, Richard

96BG First MOC Luft IV; Lager A Leader

Claypool, Warren

379BG Interview by T. Saylor

Crawbuck, John


Deans, Dixie


Deranlau, Len


Doherty, Robert


Durante, Vincent


Farrar, Ed


Fisher, James


Gann, Harvey

449BG (see "Four Men Out")

Harrison, Joseph

RAF, 384 BG

Hatton, Hyman


Henderson, William


Hunter, John


Hutchings, Durward


Ed Jurist


Kennett, Roy

392nd BG

King, Alan


Kirby, Donald


Kremper, Don


Kyler, John

92nd BG

Lampe, Maurice


Lilja, George


McCracken, John


McHale, Tom


Miller, Willard

96 BG Lager Leader B compound

Nordstrom, Lloyd


Odonnell, Joseph

483BG author "Shoe Leather Express"

Paules, Francis

RCAF 419SQ MOC VI and IV, Leader D Lager



Richards, Robert

392nd BG

Rose, Len

459 BG founded Luft IV organization

Salemme, Fred


Sedivy, Harold


Scalley, Robert


Troy, Francis

376 BG Lagar Leader C compound

Vowell, Clayton


Walker, George


Watkins, Claude


Weaver, Joe


Weiner, Fred


Whetstone, Charles


Witt, Lawrence


John Yatsko